For the LOVE of COACHING! #4


Believing in our athletes has to be right up there on TOP of the list of objectives!

“The people who are lifting the world onward and upward are those who encourage more than they criticize.”  ~Elizabeth Harrison

Through the many years of coaching cheer at the middle school level, I’ve learned that when it comes to creativity, adolescents CAN bring it!

Each week I will be sharing some cheers and chants that have come from the generations of talented athletes who inspired with their words and brought high energy to the game!


I’m thankful and honored to have met each one of my athletes, for ALL have given me this special platform of sharing my passion to coach. 


The following is an ALL ABOUT CHEER site I created awhile ago in support of cheerleading.  Please feel free to peruse around and enjoy the art of cheer!

Today’s our last game of Season 2 – Taking this morning to write each of my athletes a special note to say how much they mean to me!  ❤


Maroon, Gold, and White
The BEST team – that’s right.
Yell it LOUD — say it PROUD
Fight-Colts-fight  –  fight-Colts-FIGHT!


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