Twenty-Eight Reasons Why… #17

#1 reason is that you never give up on making your family proud!

#2 reason is that you can always make me laugh, even when I don’t want to.

#3 reason is that you’ve made everyone in the family good eaters.

#4 reason is that when things don’t go your way, you’re flexible in negotiating.

#5 reason is you have a knack for writing meaningful and sentimental poetry.

#6 reason is you’ve never left your family without the basic necessities of life.

#7 reason is you’ve always taken action to help support family members in need.

#8 reason is you’ve always put your family before yourself.

#9 reason is you never beat around the bush – you get straight to the point.

#10 reason is you’re a man who wears that of many different hats!

#11 reason is I find you just as attractive as I did when we were in high school.

#12 reason is you’re amazingly smart and witty.

#13 reason is you can be rugged one minute and remarkably gentle the next.

#14 reason is you’ve got a million-dollar smile that never ceases to be refined.

#15 reason is you spoil me rotten – more than I deserve!

#16 reason is your honesty and bravery to be the best you can be.

#17 reason is the way you can sing to me without hesitation.

#18 reason is the way you can fit into an old pair of white-washed jeans.

#19 reason is your way to BBQ – magnificent!

#20 reason is your frugal way with money and the lack of overspending.

#21 reason is for your sensitivity and thoughtful play at times.

#22 reason is for when you’ve faced your demons.

#23 reason is for letting go of your emotions and weeping.

#24 reason is for giving me room to grow as an individual.

#25 reason is for accepting the good, bad, AND ugly.

#26 reason is for letting go of your ego, no matter whose fault it was.

#27 reason is for taking risks, not only for yourself, but for your loved ones as well.

#28 reason is that you’ve given me 28 years of unconditional love!  ❤



Looking forward to MANY more wonderful years!




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