Women of the Word #21


…”and a highway shall be there, and it shall be called the way of holiness; evil minded people shall not travel on it, but it shall be for those wayfarers who are traveling toward God.” (Isaiah 35:8, adapted)


I gave my own personal testimony back in 1994 when my children were young.  They sat among the other fellow attendees at our neighborhood church along with their father the day I was baptized.  I’m not sure my kids remember that day, however I will hold this day forever sacred.  Giving myself to the Lord Almighty and wanting this moment to be shared amongst my loved ones and those whom I came to know as my brothers and sisters is a day of significance!  ❤

“We all have stories; our life is made up of a compilation of stories. Some short, and others long. It is a tapestry woven of all different emotions and experiences that shape who we are and who we are becoming. Stories of great happiness and joy as well as stories of heartache and sadness…each one has a place in our being.

Stories are meant to be shared. We know this from the days long ago with writings on the wall, stories told around the fire, and bedtime traditions. Not just some stories, all stories, even the ones that are difficult to share. It is often those stories which are the most important ones.”

The following is my own personal testimony – a priceless account of letting go and letting God; accepting Christ as my Savior and Prince of Peace~  ❤


I first would like to thank our Heavenly Father for all the many joys of my life.  I thank Him for giving me life and that He’s been able to bring me to join others in celebrating and rejoicing in Him; that I may be made right with God through faith, peace, grace and by the glory of God!  His glory, amen to that!!

Growing up, I enjoyed the story of “The Wizard of Oz” (I still do).  It brought images to my mind that I could only dream about – but to have the dreams were like treasures all the same.  I had always wished I could escape the dreary black and white world I unfortunately came to know and walk into a beautiful, colorful place where dreams actually do come true with the click of my heels.  I’ve been a victim of incest, rape and verbal abuse during a lengthy part of my childhood and the thought of wishing all the pain away, just like that – sounded like heaven!  I remember watching the stars late at night, twinkling so brightly I would get goose bumps –wishing so very hard to be among them.  To me the stars were a symbol of freedom, a way so very far from the way I felt inside.

I needed some direction in my life.  I felt I had no place to turn.  I wanted so desperately to stop the self-destruction I was inflicting on my family and myself.  I love them all so very much!  ❤

For years, I kept these painful feelings inside, never sharing anything with anyone.  I felt so ashamed and dirty.

About seven months ago it all changed.  I let go of my fears.  My love for my family was too strong to hurt them or myself any longer.  I yearned for wholeness and peace.  I came to know New Heights through a family friend and have been attending regularly along with my three children.  I felt very welcomed since day one.  I have thoroughly enjoyed the M. O. M. S. group which meets here every Wednesday mornings and I’m also involved in a class in which I’m learning about God’s Word and what Christian life is all about.  My children, Kyle, who is four, my daughter Kaylee, who just turned three and my youngest, Keith, who will be turning one in October also are involved in Sunday school and A. W. A. N. A.  They too, are thrilled to come and interact with such a wonderful group of individuals their age.

I’m trying to encourage my husband, Jordan, to come and see that God isn’t just an image set before everyone to think oneself good if he comes to church, but that He’s much, much more that than.  I pray he will come to know the Lord Jesus Christ, as his own personal Savior.  I want him to feel the Greatness of His Love and the POWER He’s so righteously has left in the souls of many, many believers.

Since I’ve come to New Heights I’ve been “born again” and I’m so excited to be a part of His Worship and His Word on a day to day basis.  It feels me with a great peace and joy within.  I enjoy each day that comes, having forgiveness, not being so judgmental towards others, for no one is perfect.  Most importantly, letting Lord Jesus Christ come FIRST in my life and letting Him guide me as I follow His Word daily is my greatest achievement, by far!  ❤

In closing, I’d like to tell you of the promise I made to Jesus when I gave birth to my last child:

I made a promise to Jesus, that if He would help me get through the struggles in my life and guide me down the right path, I would someday come to His House and give my children and myself to Him.  I would then walk with Him in the path leading to His open arms and to His Kingdom of “Eternal Life.”

I’m here now, I’m walking with the Lord, He is my Savior and He will forever reign in my heart!

Thank you gain Lord for the many wonderful blessings you’ve given my family and I.

In Jesus’ name,


Written many years ago, but never loses its truth in value!  ❤
I hope by sharing my testimony that I encourage others to tell their story of ‘letting go, and letting God!’  ~God Bless

The following are testimonials given by 4 celebrities (Elizabeth Smart, Henry Winkler, Chip and Joanna Gaines, and Sadie Robertson), during this past year that have been documented as “powerful proclamations of faith!”  https://www.godupdates.com/4-celebrity-testimonies-2017/?utm_source=GodVine%20Daily&utm_medium=email&utm_campaign=12/29/2017


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