Middle School Years Are The Worst…BUT, They Don’t Have To Be~ #36


My passion for anti-bullying comes from deep within my own personal experiences along with my childrens.  I was bullied in middle school, as well as my three children and unfortunately, there wasn’t a whole lot of discipline back then.

During my era, I had spoke up to parents, and they pretty much said, “deal with it.”  You can imagine, it’s easier said than done. The feeling of being unsupported left me feeling extremely anxious and fearful, whereas school for me felt cruel and unsafe.

However, unfortunately with both our sons, they didn’t tell us – the older one was getting bullied in an upper-classmates room because he was smart and this particularly bully wanted to cheat off my son’s work.  Kyle would just take the beatings b/c he’s always been an individual who would rather take care of his own business than have others fighting his battles.  It wasn’t until his dad and I saw the bruises (made from a tube sock full of rocks the kid had engineered) along with freckled scabs (from pencil pokes and jabs).

And then there’s my younger son, who had multiple learning disabilities and other social disorders.  Therefore, with having delay in speech and not able to communicate or think “normally” (generally speaking).  So, you can just imagine, the younger as well as the older peers had a hayday with Keith – they were brutal.

Some of our worst memories are those from middle school~

“Empowering the bystanders.”

“It’s not about ‘boys will be boys’
‘girls will be girls’.”







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