Practical Advice #44


“Grandparents bestow upon their grandchildren the strength and wisdom that time and experience have given them…” ❤


Grandparents Quotes 11


My childhood was a whirl of imaginative play, free from the reliance on new-fangled contraptions that children today take for granted.  We created our own entertainment:

  • Kick the Can
  • Red-Rover–Red-Rover
  • Hide-N-Go-Seek
  • Ring-Around the Rosie (we all fall down)
  • Telephone
  • I Spy (with my eye)
  • TAG–You’re IT!

“However, some of my fondest memories are the times spent with my grandma.”

  • Movies at the mall cinema (Grandma Harn)
  • Eating homemade desserts (Grandma Leila)
  • Eating Nestle Crunch chocolate bars (Grandma Harn)
  • Trips to see grandma and grandpa in California (Grandma Leila & Poppy)
  • Visiting grandma and grandpa; eating fresh veggies from garden (Harn)

Plans to go over to see the grandparents was always a joyous occasion!


The lessons we learned from their wisdom is treasured~



By Jane Maple

Take a deep breath and make believe you are on a journey into the middle of last century.  It’s hard to imagine, I know:  there are none of the luxuries we take for granted today, but then again none of the temptations to lead us astray.  Not so many, anyway!  My grandma was clever at saving the pennies.  She would ask for the offcuts at the butcher’s , or the slightly bruised fruit and veg that had been put at the back of the greengrocers’ shop.  If she had been particularly frugal on a day’s shopping, then I was allowed to go into the local sweetshop and buy a penny’s worth of liquorice.  I still consider that a special treat!

I believe that if you can get your children to appreciate the simple things in life and not have everything that Johnny Down the Road has got, then they will start to value what they do have and will take more pleasure from them.

Please don’t think I was an angelic child – I can assure you I had my moments.  I vividly remember pestering both my grandparents and my parents to be allowed a puppy.  I don’t remember how long I cajoled and pleaded with them to come round to my way of thing, but my grandma finally came up with a solution.  She said if I was prepared to save threepence (3 pennies; British term) a week from my pocket money to buy a collar, a lead and a bowl, then she would take me down to the foram to choose a puppy when the next litter was born.  At last I could see that my dream would come true, provided I fulfilled my side of the bargain, I was absolutely thrilled!

Money was ALWAYS a topic my grandparents would discuss with us kids.  My grandpa (Poppy) was an employee of the government agency, the IRS, and new the value of a dollar – hands down!  Every holiday or birthday celebration we were given a silver dollar along with advice to hold onto it – “Save them and some day they’ll be worth more than just a dollar.”  Well, I can tell you that I didn’t heed his advice and later regretted not saving them.  MUCH can be learned by our elders if we choose to  give careful attention to the words they earnestly expel.





What lessons or advise do you regret holding onto or better yet, what do you NOW treasure from your grandparents?


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