Such a Card! #52


There’s just something about quick wit that makes a man sexy! ❤

SO THE STORY GOES...about a year ago, I was in bed half sleeping and fiddling with my wedding band – slipping it off and on.  Well, about a day passed or so and I noticed that my ring was not on my finger (this was a time I had been working out every other day and would take it off due to working with free weights).  It didn’t take me long to remember that I had been half asleep when playing around with my ring in bed.  So, I went to check under the sheets and nothing…looked on the floor, nothing.  Stripped the bed down…nothing.  I must have repeated these steps for about an hour…still nothing!

When my husband noticed I wasn’t wearing my wedding band for several weeks, I told him that I had misplaced it, but totally adding that it would surely show up any day…I mean there are no holes in our floor, nor band-eating mice or bugs that would disappear with it, so it HAD TO BE THERE SOMEWHERE, right?!


This is the unique band I misplaced about a year ago (the custom made diamond bracket I still have; able to fit to my new band – yay!)  All was not lost~  ❤

This year approached and my husband surprised me with a new wedding band to take its place until the old one is found (but, because the new one comes with a witty surprise – I love it just a bit more!)….


I should have known it came with a twist of humor!  Although I didn’t realize its element of surprise until I was bringing my hubby a glass of water one evening and as I happened to look down during the passing through our hallway...something was a-glow!


He made sure that if misplaced again, I would surely see it!!



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