Becoming EVEN Better! #59

“The healthiest relationships have partners who routinely (if subconsciously) check in with themselves, their partner, and their relationship to see how things are going and to make changes as necessary.”


“Unconditional love — in its most simplest form — means appreciating someone else for who they truly are. It means loving them when they are unlovable, and in spite of their imperfections and mistakes. At a deeper level, it means never, ever questioning whether you’ll feel any other way toward a person.”

I’m always thinking and reflecting about my relationships, especially the one with my husband…

Am I doing enough in supporting my husband?
Am I fully listening to them him when he’s sharing his day?
Could I be more understanding to his concerns?

How can you respond to relationship changes?
A great starting place is to evaluate your own contributions to your relationship.

What are you doing that helps—or hurts—your relationship?
How are your actions and beliefs influencing the quality of you and your partner’s everyday interactions?


In finding ways that I can honor and deepen our relationship, I found the following ways it can be done on several different sites – ENJOY!  ❤

  • Get more sleep (number 1 priority)
  • Go on a nightly walk together (hold hands, enjoy the comfort)
  • Take care of your health (together!)
  • Take action (if you’re reading this, you’re doing it!)
  • UNPLUG (focus on your partner 100 percent)
  • Express your gratitude (start a spouse gratitude journal)
  • Listen actively (stop what you’re doing and look at him)
  • Notice them (feels good to be noticed)
  • Be nice as often as you can (happiness makes the world go ’round)
  • Ignore the bad, PRAISE the GOOD! (always best!)
  • Think about what your partner needs (it’s not always about you)
  • Embrace your partner’s interests (actions speak louder than words)
  • Talk about money (never good to withhold)
  • Pray for him (good for any relationship)
  • Dress up for him (mix it up, be spontaneous)
  • Kiss “Hello” and “Goodbye” (try never to miss these opportunities)
  • Avoid hunger (plan meals together; cook his favorite meal; eat together)
  • Pick up the slack (where you see it’s most beneficial)
  • Grow together (connecting, reflecting, and maturing)
  • Focus on humility (this can be powerful)
  • Watch his favorite sports team together (grab the munchies)
  • Spend quality time together (this goes with any relationships)
  • Be kind to yourself (love yourself and you’ll be open to loving others)
  • Communicate honestly (it’s worth it to be genuine)
  • Give him alone time (space, we all need it)
  • Hug him hard (every now and then; we benefit together)
  • DON’T bring up past arguments (let go…I mean REALLY let go!)
  • Respect his opinions (he wants to be heard, understood; we all do)
  • TRUST HIM (it’s what relationships are built on)
  • Affection – appreciation – admiration (brag/talk about his accomplishments)
  • Random acts of kindness (it’s amazing the magic that follows)
  • Apologize, sincerely (lifting the burden of guilt is comforting; as is forgiveness)
  • Be creative (use your imagination…sky’s the limit!)
  • Reminisce on past memories (early dating, fun vacations, special moments)
  • Think positive (you won’t get very far being negative)
  • Getting to understand him and REALLY know him
  • Discuss future plans together (married; in it for the long haul)  ❤

Check in with him and communicate with these simple reminders when needed:

“You have my support.”
“I love you.”
“I’m sorry.”
“Tell me how you feel.”
“I’ve been thinking about you, how was your day.”





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