Meaningful Books for the Grandkids #72

“You cannot open a book without learning something.”

“For me, the best part of a children’s book are the memorable quotes that encapsulate an entire book in a sentence or two.”
~Devon Corneal


There are books that can make a difference to how a child views his/her world. Real concepts make for sincere conversations about life and spiritual awareness – this is a novel that not only takes a child on a remarkable adventure through real historical Roman life, but adds flavor with honest morals and values any adolescent should be apart of.

There’s been a great number of ‘class reads’ that I’ve been apart of through my many years in education.  Watching the younger generation be lifted and inspired by numerous exceptional authors has always been a joyful event.  To explore and embrace the world through adventures seen in the eyes of the young at heart refills my own memory bank of treasured books long ago.

We just finished The Thieves of Ostia and are diving deep into character traits and the changes that take place within the characters during their journey.  This is truly a story I will encourage my grandchildren to read.  Not only is it packed with historical description of real Roman life, but it brings up spiritual conscious ideals that I feel are extremely important to young adolescents to understand and have a meaningful conversation about.

“Books are awesome, aren’t they? They open a whole new world of imagination, letting the reader travel to a distant land or accomplish otherworldly feats without leaving the comfort of their home. They stimulate the mind, increase knowledge, expand the vocabulary – and also teach important life lessons.”  ~Mirele Mann

The following link shares some classical favorites and inspirational books for the young adolescents in your life and to open the door to a meaningful conversation:
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