Spirit Buddies <3 #74


“Love each other dearly always. There is scarcely anything else in the world but that: to love one another.”
― Victor Hugo

With Valentine’s being yesterday, I thought I’d share the following responses that the girls expressed to their “spirit buddy” of the last couple of weeks.  With the help of some sentence starters, here are their thoughtful words:


“Some adjectives that describe you are…cute, funny, strong, powerful and so much more.  One thing I’ve noticed about you is you cheer even when you kinda hurt.  You go through hard stuff like having your injured ankle, but still had the will to cheer on.  One idea I’ve gotten from you is to keep going on even if you are hurting and keep trying and following what you love.”

“One idea I’ve gotten from you is how to be able to work with new people and make new friends.  I look forward to seeing you because I know you’ll help me get better.”

“I really like your personality because your really funny, nice, cool, awesome, and you smell good (lol).  I can count on you because you always give me tios and you tell me to be loud and how to do better.  I like to see you because whenever we see eachother we hug.  I like how you compliment me in the morning.  So, I will work at complimenting you too.  You are pretty, smell good, nice, cool, AMAZINGLY FUNNY!  I like your hair, it’s very long.  You’re brave, polite, happy, and very positive.”

“I know I can always count on you whenever I forget how to count.  I know you’ll always be there for me and I’ll be there for you, too.  I love yah man, dude <3!  I really like your personality because you’re sweet, funny, and aaahmazing –love ya man dude <3.”

“I really like your personality because your funny and cool.  I know I can count on you when I need help on a cheer or chant.  I really appreciate when you are nice to me and help me with chants and cheers.  I look forward to seeing you because you’re nice, pretty, and cool.  One thing I’ve noticed about you is that you always smile during the games.  You’re funny, you’re nice, and you’re fun.  You’re a good buddy.  I like being your buddy and spending time with you even though we only had fun together once.”

“I really appreciate my buddy because she always makes an effort to talk to me in the morning.  Some adjectives to describe you are creative, hard working, and an overachiever.  You impress me on how in everything, you strive to work hard.  Your personality is just unique and amazing.  I can count on you to be the loudest and to do your job when we’re out there.  One thing I’ve notice is that as I talk to you more, you have become more close and open to me.”

“One idea I’ve gotten from you is smiling, because you yelled at me about it that one time.  One thing I’ve noticed about you in cheer is you talk when it’s appropriate and you’re a quiet when it’s not.”

“I really appreciate when I get out of the game and you tell me what I did good and bad during a game, because it really helps how I cheer during a game.  I am impressed by the way you can make me and the others laugh at anytime and always get the cheers down.  One thing I notice is you can always do great when a game is happening.”

“I love your personality because you are so nice and funny.  You count on others…I love how you do that.  Some adjectives that describe you are pretty, nice, funny, cool, fun, and kind.”

“Some adjectives that describe you are cute, silly, feisty, and amazing.  I enjoy you being on the team.  I’ve noticed that you’ve had a lot of progress during our seasons.  You are amazing at what you do, so keep on doing it!”

“We all love you.  A word that describes you is ‘thick’, but I think of you more than your looks.  You’re a smart, beautiful, funny, amazing girl, and if anyone says otherwise then they’re CRAZY!”

“I really like your personality because you’re very happy.  I know I can count on you when I’m hurt.  I really appreciate when you make me laugh.  Some adjectives that describe you are humorous, and dramatic (lol).  I am impressed by the way you take leadership.”

“I look forward to seeing you in the future even when I’m in high school, because you have been with me when I am sad and even when I’m so excited.  You have been one of my favorite people at the school and I thank you so much!”

“One thing I have remembered from you is you always telling me to fix my skirt on game days and I thank you for that!” 

“I really like your personality because you are nice.  You can be the best person in the world to me because I have told you a secret and you keep it.  I really appreciate it when you are there for me and you don’t even try.  You are nice, kind, smart sometimes (jk).  I love you like a sis, that is how much I appreciate you.  I am impressed at the way you do the things you do, because you are amazing.  I look forward to see you because of how you are.” 

Teaching our youth to have a voice and communicate with one another in ways that are positive and compassionate is the start to a loving generation. ❤

Silence never healed the lonely.
Silence never comforted the broken hearted.
Silence never saved a life.
Silence never won an argument with kindness.
Silence never healed the poor.
Silence never learned compassion.
Silence never saw the pain in another.
Silence never asked for forgiveness.
Silence never felt remorse.
Silence never felt empathy.
Silence never grew up.
Silence never listened to promptings.
Silence never resolved a problem.
Silence never had closure.
Silence never had a conscience.
Silence never developed integrity.
Silence never knew manners.
Silence never learned respect.
Silence never matured.
Silence never understood that the bible and its stories was God’s way of saying, “Stop being silent and start healing one another.”
Silence never realized that Christ was an activist for communication.”
― Shannon L. Alder



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