True Love <3 #80

“Sometimes true love expresses itself in surprising ways….”


When the misty fields clear and youth fades and real life sets in and trouble comes, true love still beats strong in ways you’d never imagine:

  • True love winks at you from across a sea of kids at the kitchen table.
  • Holds your hand when your heart is anxious.
  • It fills your car with gas or picks up milk at the store.
  • It works three jobs to provide for the life you’ve created together.
  • It holds the sarcasm and speaks kindness instead.
  • True love wants to come home and eat dinner with you every single night.
  • True love looks you in the eyes and tells you are dead wrong. It pushes you to be a better person.
  • True love lets you sleep in the morning  or sends you to bed early when you are exhausted.
  • True love matures and the whirlwind of youth is replaced with the steadiness and faithfulness in the mundane. Kindness in the little things, which you now realize are the big things.

Younger girls, when you think about love and are wondering if  Mr. Wonderful is Mr. Right, think about little things he does because they’ll make up your life.

How does he treat his neighbor?

 How does he talk to the waiter in the restaurant?

How does he react when hurt?

Is he in control of his actions and emotions?

Is he approachable, correctable, and “easy to be entreated”, the true sign of wisdom?

Does he help the hurting and less fortunate?

Is he generous to the needy?

Does he cut corners and break rules,  because if he’ll do that for you he’ll do it to you one day.

Look for someone who loves God more than you.

It’s easier to notice the big man on campus, so don’t overlook the good guys on the sidelines, plodding along, doing the work, serving. They’re not as loud as the guy who is center stage, so keep your eyes on the perimeters.

Article written by Sarah Beals





“Real love can be compared with UFO: all people talk about it, but only a few have seen it!”



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