Teens Find Comfort….#95

<3~Teens find comfort with family and friends~<3

“And these children that you spit on
As they try to change their worlds
Are immune to your consultations.
They’re quite aware of what they’re going through.”

― David Bowie


“Let your inner DORK shine through.”
― Rachel Renée Russell, Dork Diaries Book 1: Tales from a Not-So-Fabulous Life


This past week I had the girls answer a few personal questions about themselves as I want to hear about what makes them happy and staying positive about ‘life’.

The following are the (6) questions I asked along with their answers:

1 thing that you did last week…

“I went to Wendy’s with friends.”
“I went to my friend’s house.” (x2)
“I went to the girls basketball game.”
“I played Fortnite.”
“I went to a birthday party.”
“I watched the Hunger Game series.”
“I went to the movies; painted my hand on a wall; played soccer with friends.”

2 things you’re grateful for:

“My family and friends.” (x4)
“My (2) best friends.”
“For ME and MYSELF.”
“My mom, family/church.”
“Surviving my heart surgery.”
“My dog and my mom.”

3 things you ate today:

“Fries, Takis, and Funyuns.”
“Noodles, cookies, and chicken.”
“Chicken, chicken, CHICKEN!”
“Chicken, tater-tots, and yogurt.”
“Pirate Booty Popcorn, Chicken, and 2 Dumb-Dumb suckers.”
“Sandwich, noodles, and fruit roll up.”
“Bread, tater tots, and spicy chicken sandwich.”

4 Holidays/Events you enjoy:

“Valentines, Thanksgiving, Easter, and Christmas.”
“Christmas and my birthday.”
“Birthday, Christmas, Easter, and Halloween.”
“Christmas, Easter, Halloween, and my birthday.”
“X-mas, Halo-weeny, my birthday, and V-day.”
“B-Day, Christmas, Father’s Day, and Mother’s Day.”
“Christmas, Valentine’s Day, Birthday.”


5 things you look for in a friend:

“Loyalty times 5!”
“Someone I can trust, who’s nice, happy, and I can ‘spill the tea to.'”
“I don’t even know.”
“Nice, no drama, non-ratchety, have things in common with, not rude, loyal.”
“Being nice always, doing fun things, funny, and that’s it!”
“Loyal, always down, funny, savage, and does the right thing.”
“Happy, funny, and kind.”
“Nice, funny, weird, and awkward.”

6 words that describe you: 

“Smart, kool, procrastinator, nice, sarcastic, and funny.”
“Kool-kid, 22-savage, and Kidz Bop.”
“I’m better than you….ha-ha.”
“Pretty, cheerleader, Mexican, nice/loyal, singer, and dramatic.”
“Funny, ugly, fun, crazy, nice, hiper.”
“Savage, small eyes, unique, funny, and loyal.”
“Funny and fiery.”
“Weird, awkward, flexible, unique, noodles, and funny.”


I can’t say this enough…”I LOVE MY JOB AND CONNECTING WITH KIDS!”


❤ “LOVE…it’s as simple as that!” ❤



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