Special Needs Mom #8


And Then Came You

I thought I had it figured out
This thing called motherhood.
With all of my what-to-expect books on hand
I just knew I’d do all that I should.
I’d learn to rock a cranky child
Into sweet and endearing compliance.
I’d know my child’s every cry–
Hey it’s not rocket science.
You’d take your bottle eagerly
While snoozing in delight.
I’d have the Gerber baby,
Of course he’d sleep all night

And then came you…
And all my plans unraveled
As we took our first steps
Down a road much less traveled.
A life of not knowing
What each new day brings
A constant reminder
To cherish all things.
I thought I possessed all I’d need
To see me through this life–
Laughter, love, joy, and faith–
Does anyone need strife?
Of course I’d face some obstacles
Along the weary road
But surely I was strong enough
To carry any load.

And then came you…
Leaving me so unsure
As I watched all the trials
That you had to endure.
I realized the things
That I’d hoped to achieve
Were all put aside
As I learned to believe.
I knew it would be difficult
To wonder everyday–
Will my child grow up?
Will he be okay?
Will I make the right choices…
Will I make mistakes?
Lord, I know you chose me but…
Do I have what it takes?

And then came you…
With a gentle reminder
That life can be tough,
And I need to be kinder.
That every life matters
And just one small deed
Can change many lives
By just planting one seed.
And yes, I struggle often
And yes, I question still
At times I want what I want
And wonder what’s God’s will?
And then we brought you home at last.
Now life would be complete–
Imagine my surprise to find
My child would not eat.
Each milestone that you would reach
Would come at your own pace
I was learning patience
As life…is not a race.
I thought I knew myself so well
I guess that I was wrong
For in my time of weakness
I found out I was strong.

And then you come…
Running toward me with joy
Your laughing at something,
My mischievous boy.
You reach for my face,
As you so often do…
“Why you smiling Mama?”
“I’m smiling at you.”
I thought I had it figured out
This thing called…Motherhood
And then came you…to change my heart
Surely God is good.

~Stephanie Husted


“I am a mom of a special needs child.  Maybe you are like me, maybe you’re not, but when you get right down to it, don’t all children have  ‘special’ needs?”


Here’s a personal blog devoted in lieu of my unique and special boy!  I hope you’ll connect,  and know you’re never alone in your journey as a special needs mom!

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