“Yours TRUMPS Mine!” #13


This past week I was chatting it up with a dear colleague (Joyce) outside in our parking lot before going home, when she brought up how cute the plush toys were that our committed employees were selling for one of their clubs.  In fact, she was holding one of the samples in her arms (a charming spotted frog).  She was planning on giving it to her grandson who was just a couple months old.  I had mentioned that I was going to purchase one also, but had forgotten and if she knew how many were left.  I then continued to share with her that my granddaughter had had surgery that morning and that frogs happen to be one of her favorite animals.  After having been unsuccessful in trying diligently to reach the gal who was sponsoring the sale, she quickly handed over the soft and adorable amphibian with the following sincere words, “Here you take this, yours totally trumps mine!”

The snapshot below is the photo I sent to my granddaughter on my way to see her~ 


It is in moments like these that I’m reminded just how lucky I am to work with compassionate and genuine co-workers who go out of there way to help support their fellow comrade in need.  Again, thank-you, Joyce~


When working among those you see daily, dependability comes in handy!~

Scripture can be found in all things meant from the heart
Fulfilling what I consented to do even it it means unexpected sacrifice (Psalm 15:4)

Helping one another in need is what you’ll find in all committed colleagues:






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