The Highlights of Coach Smith #18


Last year, I was approached by a student who had the assignment of interviewing a staff member who they thought students would want to get to know better and I just so happened to be on their list!

In asking about my hobbies and interests along with some facts and history, this is what he took from the interview:

FIRST OF ALL, I told him that I absolutely LOVE MY JOB!  ❤

The following was written by Brady C. with the help of Jesse C.

“Mrs. Smith’s hobbies are understandable enough according to the fact she’s an awesome adventurous person! She enjoys hiking in and around the Gorge, fishing, and taking trips with her family.  REading and writing are also worth mentioning due to her enthusiasm of the world around her.

Mrs. Smith also has many interests that include spending time with her kids and grandchildren along with genealogy, gardening, crafts, and scrapbooking.  THese pastimes bring her surmountable pleasure.

Her love of learning is endless~

This polite woman teaches cheerleading and supports kids with learning disabilities.

When her youngest son was born, he soon was diagnosed with autism and several other social disabilities.  In her research to understand and support him, her compassion overflowed to helping others.  So, when her son went off to school she sought her career in special education as a Learning Support Paraprofessional.  She has thoroughly enjoyed this field of work for nearly two decades and plans to continue until retirement.”




“Great leadership usually starts with a willing heart, a positive attitude, and a desire to make a difference.”  ~Mac Anderson


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